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The notes on this shit. Some are like ‘that’s cute, that’s thoughtful’ etc., some say ‘am I the only one seeing the blood?’ And then, THEN, there’s people like ‘lol eww that’s so disgusting’. And most of them are women. No, sorry, I’ll rephrase, silly little girls.
Sorry, are periods unnatural to you? Is a perfectly normal bodily function so alien to you that you have to publically shame others for it? This picture is meant to be a statement.
Sorry if the subject of period blood is too fucking taboo for you, kiddos. Women bleed, get over it.

and if a guy ever makes you feel uncomfortable about it, feel free to throw him in the trash can. 

Nils Udo - 27, 1999

Custom Skelita by EngelMech

Sung Jin Park

nasa trying to eat the moon

"She was the kind of girlfriend god gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life."

- Junot Diaz (via ohdreaming)

Endless fields of purple flowers in foreground, Mount Fuji still capped with snow in the background.